The 5 Best Bridal Robes for 2022, Classic, Floral, Lace & More

It goes without saying that a bride wants to look their best for the big day and bridal robes often top the list for the ‘getting ready’ part of the day.

After all it is all about the details and not all bridal robes are created equal.

Just like most aspects of a wedding, bridal robes need to align with the theme & be the right length & size for the bridesmaids too.

We at All Things Nice have taken the time to carefully select bridal robes in line with customer feedback & what we know you love.

So without further ado, here are the top 5 best bridal robes for 2022.

1. Classic Satin Bridal Robe

For the bride who loves simplicity, our classic satin robes come in 9 stunning colours from dark dramatic navy to wonderful white and more. They are made from premium woven fabric making them smooth and silky to touch.

2. Cotton Lace Robes

For a lighter and more breathable fabric, 100% cotton lace robes are absolute perfection. With beautiful high quality cotton floral lace trim and the option to choose from 8 stunning colours, they are designed with a bridal party in mind for both comfort and style. 

3. Lace Bridal Robes

Lace trim is a wonderful embellishment to the classic robe, making them perfect for the more glamorous bride. There are many different types of lace trims available to suit each of the bridesmaids’ styles. Our lace robes come in Cotton Lace, Peony Lace, Daydream Lace, Eternity Lace robes to perfectly align the colours, designs and styles with the wedding theme. 

4. Floral Robes

For the bridal party who love a splash of colour and design but still want to feel ‘luxe’, floral robes are the answer. From petal designs to flirty flower patterns, you can be sure that the ‘pre-wedding’ photos have a splash of fun for the bridal party.

5. Flutter Ruffle Robes

For the romantic bride, the flutter ruffle robes are the perfect twist on a traditional shaped bridal robe. They have a ruffle trim on the sleeves and hem and are made from a lightweight cool matte chiffon fabric with spandex to offer a small amount of stretch. These feminine and flirty robes are perfect for a summer wedding.

Our bridal robes come in a wide range of sizes from regular to plus size robes and you can make yours unique as we can personalise robes with a choice of fonts and colours, plus you get to choose where you’d like the personalisation. Perhaps ‘Sarah’ in the front and ‘Bridesmaid’ in the back? All personalisation is done here in Australia for peace of mind on quality assurance. 

At All Things Nice, we stock high quality bridal party robes, bridal pyjamas, bridal gifts and so much more so check out our full range of bridal products here. As we are proudly Australian owned and operated, we are able to offer local fast shipping Australia Wide.