Lace Robes, Satin Robes or Floral Robes for bridesmaids…How to protect your investment

Bridesmaid Robes

Bridal robes are a great way for your bridal squad to express their personality and the theme of the wedding, which is why they are such perfect bridesmaid gifts (& so popular here at All Things Nice!). Whilst we stock a large variety of colours and styles (in addition to personalisation), Bridal robes are made fabrics soft & delicate fabrics so to have them as a keepsake for years to come, you have to make sure you take proper care of them, especially when washing them.

Top 7 Tips for looking after bridal robes as your special bridesmaid gifts:

Tip 1: Use Hangers

Bridesmaid robes are delicate fabrics, so to avoid creasing, always be sure to use hangers to hang your robes after they have been worn.

Tip 2: Don’t Wring Them

Dry your robes in the shade and be sure not to wring/twist the fabric. We find it best to hang them on a hanger to dry.

Tip 3: Wash Separately

Never wash your bridesmaids robes with other clothing. To get the look and fit you’re looking for, always wash your bridesmaids’ robes separately. This prevents the colours from bleeding. We suggest handwashing for increased longevity.

Tip 4: Iron on low

Ironing your bridesmaids’ robes on a low heat will protect the material from scorching. This is especially the case for satin robes or lace robes where we recommend you do not put an iron directly onto the fabric, rather make sure you have other material (like cotton tea towel) in between to protect the garments…

Tip 5: Don’t Bleach

Avoid bleach at all costs, bleach will damage your robes & if you have personalisation on the garment, this too will be at risk of damage.

Tip 6: Don’t Tumble Dry

Avoid tumble drying your bridesmaids’ robes. The constant heat will cause fibres to lose their shine and shape over time, could shrink your robe and may cause fraying.

Tip 7: Reuse Them

When your wedding is over, your bridesmaid robes can be repurposed. They can be used for lounging around the house, as a kimono on the beach, or a perfect outfit for a day spa.

And there you have it, 7 easy ways to care for your bridesmaids’ robes, keeping your bride squad happy and your robes looking brand new for the rest of your lives!

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