From Bridal Robes to Personalised Accessories. Here is our checklist of pre-wedding ‘essentials’…

One of the reasons that a bride carefully selects who their bridesmaids will be is because they need to have the very people around them that will help them on the day. The friend that cares enough to help the bride get organised with all of the things she needs on the big day (as well as huge emotional support!).

So, our checklist is not about the actual wedding, but about the essentials for the bridal party on the morning of the wedding. The kind of things that a great bridesmaid or maid of honour would remember to bring. 

Bridesmaid robes and bridal robes are perfect for any pre-wedding, whether it be a small intimate.  ceremony or an extravagant one. The right bridal robes will suit the bridal party needs and enhance the theme of the day when you are dressed up in them. The right style of bridesmaid robes is the perfect gift for the bridal party that can really make the pre-wedding pics special. 

What type do I need? A bridesmaid robe needs to compliment the wedding theme. You can opt for classic satin for pure simplicity or you can opt for lace robes, floral robes or ruffle robes but what is most important is that the bridal robes are on the theme for the day. Bridesmaid robes have so many advantages. Not only do they look amazing in the pre-wedding photos but they’re also the most comfortable clothing item that one can own. You can wear them over other clothes or straight out of the shower and they’ll stay perfectly wrapped around your body until after hair and make-up so that you’re ready to effortlessly change into the special wedding day gown.  Plus they’re not restrictive, so you can move around a little and have some fun with the bridesmaids before the formalities begin.

Bridesmaid slippers. If you’re going for bridal robes, fluffy bridal slippers are the perfect match. Make sure they’re practical and comfortable for the whole crew. A big plus is that they’ll last for a long time after the big day too, also making them a great bridal party gift.

Sewing kit. Yes, this feels like something small but it’s important not to forget it, a small needle & thread, a few safety pins and little scissors are all essentials for those little mishaps. With the delicate fabrics of many bridesmaid dresses and the wedding dress, it is more common than most would know for something to slightly tear or drop, this tiny inexpensive item is all you need to be ready to take action if that happens! 

Food & Drinks. It can be champagne and canapes or sandwiches and juice, but either way, it’s very important that for the long day ahead, the whole bridal party is hydrated and replenished with food. It is very common that with all of the planning of the wedding itself that the bride forgets about this, and with the long morning of ‘preparation, hair, makeup etc, it is essential that this is coordinated and often it’s up to the bridesmaids to think of these things!

Nail file. Such a small thing but so important, if the bride or anyone in the bridal party snags a nail and has sharp edges, this can be a disaster for the close-up photos or for accidentally catching said nail in hair, delicate fabrics or tights. Something that can easily be avoided! You can also get special bridal nail files to make that small thing extra special. Check them out here

Jackets. Whilst it is always the plan that the wedding falls on a perfect day, in Australia, it is often the case where it rains in the middle of summer or is cold in Spring so it’s important to have a backup cardigan or jacket packed for the bride/bridesmaids. If you want to make it extra special you could even look at bridal jackets like personalised denim jackets which are great for the hen’s parties and can also be used on the day & well beyond! Here are some for your inspiration: Bridal Denim Jackets

A Compact Mirror. A small and inexpensive way to do ‘spot checks’ throughout the morning and night to make sure there is no smudging of mascara and lipstick on the teeth.

When taking the ‘getting ready photos’, there are so many more ideas to make the morning fun and fantastic for photos such as ‘Bride’ balloons, personalised bridal party glasses, matching bracelets and so many other personalised bridal gifts that did not make the ‘essentials’ list but would make the morning special, check out our range at All Things Nice.

To summarise, when it comes to the pre-wedding photos and getting ready, bridesmaid robes with matching personalised slippers are the ideal outfit for a morning of fun, style and closeness between the bridal party. You can buy perfectly matched colours and styles or you can match the same style in colours that suit the individual personality of the bridesmaids and the bride herself! Whilst bridesmaid robes and slippers are available in a number of colours, designs and patterns, the best part of all is that you can opt for personalised bridal robes for the special day. At All Things Nice, you can personalise by font style, font colour and even where you would like the personalisation on the robes and slippers. This also makes it a very special keepsake for years to follow, making them the perfect bridesmaid gift as well as a practical necessity for pre-wedding comfort. This alongside some of the getting ready essentials and you can ‘bridesmaid like a boss’.

So now, the only thing left to do is to discuss with the bridal party what colour and style theme you want for the morning!