5 Tips To Avoid Wedding nerves

Want to know how to deal with Wedding nerves? We've got the top tips.

Wedding nerves are a normal part of everyone's big day, from the super confident chick to the shy wallflower.

Nerves are just part of the getting hitched process.

It's a big deal, you are getting married, it's such an exciting milestone in your life and it's totally natural to feel a few nerves about your upcoming nuptials.

But don't stress anymore we have some top tips to overcome those wedding morning nerves and make you the calmest coolest bride around.

Bridesmaid robes

1. Have a celebratory drink

A glass of bubbly can relax your mind and give you a little dutch courage. Just the one though. A tipsy brides wobbling down the aisle isn't cute and you don't want to dehydrate yourself before the festivities commence.

2. Surround yourself with positive people

Your Bridesmaids are essentially your cheerleaders on your day so tell them how you feel and ask them to keep your mind from overdoing it. You'll be having so much fun getting ready in your bridesmaid robes and your fluffy personalised slippers on the morning of your wedding that you won't have time to stress.

3. Breathe Deeply

When you are stressed your breath naturally becomes shallow which only intensifies those feelings of anxiety so remember to take a few deep breaths. And keep your Bridal robe on as long as possible, before you step into that wedding dress to help keep your body relaxed.

4. Lavender Oil

Along with the other wedding essentials, brush, perfume, water, mints, lippy, etc. add some Lavender Oil to your wedding tote bag. The essential oil has a calming effect on your whole body and is a natural way to instantly relax.

5. Change your mindset

Our favourite way to calm those nerves is to switch your thinking. When thinking about your Wedding don't think 'I'm nervous' think 'I'm excited'. This small change in how you speak to yourself and shift your energy from nerves to excitement really works. Trust us! Try a mindfulness app in the lead up to your Wedding to get some practice for the big day, once of our favourites is the Headspace app

Enjoy your big day!