5 Reasons Why Bridesmaid PJ’s are the Perfect Bridal Party Gift

As a bride, you may be stuck for ideas for your bridal party gifts, or if you’re a bridesmaid, you may be stuck for ideas for the bride, so that is why we’ve taken on feedback from our bridal parties to compile a list of 5 reasons why bridal pyjamas are essential for your bridal party.

For the big day, generally the bridal party will get ready together. This day is a huge day of getting hair & make-up done enjoying the last moments with the bridesmaids before the bride goes from a ‘Miss’ to a ‘Mrs’, this is (after all) one of the most important mornings of the brides life. This day is also very long, so it’s essential that the bridal party are extremely comfortable before changing into their special dresses for the big wedding event.

5 reasons why personalised bridal pjs & bridesmaid pj’s are the best gift idea for the bridal party.

  1. Looking Good… 

Whilst it’s important to be comfortable, it is also important that the bridal party looks great, it’s one of the most special days of their lives so the squad needs to make sure they’re looking schmick so that they always remember the day that way. You can wear bride pj’s & bridesmaid pj’s from the night before if you’re all together or pop them on first thing in the morning for the ultimate matching style. ’ You can also match with our personalised slippers or a stunning bridal robe as well.

  1. On Theme

Bridal PJs are fun, casual and are often chosen in line with the theme for the day. You can wear the colours of the wedding theme, floral patterns & personalise them using a font style and font colours that align perfectly with the wedding invites, Wedding colour scheme or a pattern & fabric that simply aligns with the girls & their unique personalities (perhaps matching styles in different colours!).

  1. Practicality

If you choose bridal robes & bridal pj’s that are especially designed for the big day, you don’t have to think about what to put on (you’ve all got enough jobs to do!) but also they’re designed to be removed without ruining your hair or make up when it’s time to change into the special wedding attire. Button down shirts, crossover wrap & v necked fronts, they’re perfectly designed with the bridal party in mind.

  1. Um.. hellllooo, Photos!

This day is the day that is photographed more than any day in a brides life! That includes her bridesmaid crew. There’s the professional photos, the bridal party photos, the mother of the bride, the hairdresser, the make up artist. With so many people taking photos on the big day, be ready with the right pre-wedding outfits. No one wants to see the photos of the ‘getting ready’ part of the day  with the bridesmaids wearing their daggy old trackies.  By wearing matching bridesmaids pyjamas, you can use this opportunity to get some of the best photos you can ever have together as a crew.

  1. Keepsake

Once you all have your beautiful personalised pyjamas, they will be your special reminder of the day that was. As they are also practical, you can all wear them ongoing or keep them in a special place to always remember the big day. 

At All Things Nice, we are proudly Australian & can personalise your bridal pyjamas with a wide range of colours & fonts. All personalisation is done personally by us here locally too. We carefully curate our pyjama collections for bridal parties, so with our range of colours, fabrics & sizes, you’re bound to find the perfect bridal PJ’s here.