4 Bridal Robe Ideas to Consider For A Memorable Wedding Day

Want to surprise your squad with beautiful, elegant, and photography-worthy getting-ready attire? You can never go wrong with bridal robes! However, instead of simply choosing any robe, this article brings you the four ideas that will make all behind-the-scenes prep for the wedding even more fun! 

Your Wedding is Incomplete without Bridesmaid Robes 

Without any further ado, here are the four considerations when shopping for bridesmaid robes:

1. Matching Bridal Party Robes

The golden rule of thumb is to match the colours of the entire squad’s robe so that it complements the bridal robe. You can invest in identical robes for your bridesmaids according to the wedding theme & the bridal party preferences. The idea here is to focus on buying robes that unite the group while still considering future wearability. After all, quality robes will last for years to come.

2. Experiment with Mix and Match

Sticking to the norm of matching robes doesn’t necessarily mean there is no scope for experimentation. Instead, you can go for personalised bridal pj’s or deliberately mismatched bridal party robes, where each colour or fabric can highlight the personality of each of the bridesmaids. For example, you can opt for the same print with different shades of colour to create a quirky ombre effect that would appear amazing in photographs. So white satin robe to the left, then a blush pink robe, then a darker rose colour robe, then a navy robe, and as you go, you can choose if the robes are ruffled, floral or lace robes for the bridesmaid robes!

3. Value the Presence of Loved Ones with Special Robes

Apart from selecting the finest designs for your robes as your bridesmaid gifts, it’s equally important to value the presence of your loved ones who you’ve chosen to be in your bridal party. First, the maid of honour gift, the remaining special bridesmaid gifts & you could even use it as an opportunity to spoil your mum or mother-in-law with their own special bridal party robes too. This way, you get an opportunity to thank them for always being there for you while ensuring that they feel honoured and valued on your important day. 

4. Create a Harmonious Blend with Bride’s Robe 

No matter what you decide for your squad, be it bridesmaid robes or bridal pj’s you can also match it up with the accessories or other items to accompany the look.. For instance, if you are planning to gift all of the bridesmaids with a floral robe with white being the primary colour, you can then get matching fluffy white personalised slippers, eye masks or even hair accessories to match their look to yours. Or perhaps you do exactly the opposite & they wear pink & you as a bride wears a dark Navy just to stand out in the pre-wedding shoot? 

The best part is, that all bridal robes & bridal pj’s from All Things Nice can be personalised with your own selection of the font & colour of the writing so it makes the gift even more special.

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