3 Thoughtful Bridesmaid Gift Ideas for Your Squad

Once the grand proposal has sunk in, the next big thing a bride needs to think about is her wedding day crew. After all, they form a huge part of the special day, not to mention the memories that follow, and often work hand-in-hand with the bride; from the early planning stages to the big day and beyond. 

Standing strong throughout every step of the wedding, from helping the bride look her best, to assisting with invites, to patiently trying to calm the bride’s anxious wedding nerves, there’s no doubt that the bridesmaids are an integral part of the wedding! 

So, how do you thank them for their support and friendship? After all, without their help, the wedding festivities simply wouldn’t be the same. Here’s a list of the best bridesmaid gift ideas that will delight the crew & show that you’re thankful!

Thank you bridal party gifts 

While it’s standard to get the same gift for each of your bridesmaids, that doesn’t mean the presents can’t still be tailored to their individual styles & personality. Here are some ideas:

1. Getting-Ready Robes

Who doesn’t love a bridal robe? Especially one that would make you part of an exclusive matching team in a bridal squad. Our best selling bridal gifts are the bridesmaid robes because they’re easy to size match, throw on or off without ruining your makeup and hair and the options are almost endless with various lengths, fabrics and patterns of bridal robes available. Plus you can personalise with specific fonts or text colours of choice. 

2. Personalised Slippers

Whether you want to gift the maid of honour a special pair of slippers or want to splash out on adorable slippers for the crew, bridal slippers as a wedding or bridal party gift are a perfect balance of colour and style. Similar to bridal robes, bridal slippers can be chosen in the colour to suit the big day and can be personalised based on the theme of the day, giving the bridal party gifts a unique touch you can be proud of. 

3. Bridal Jackets 

Who said that bridal jackets are only for the bride-to-be? Instead, give your entire crew the honour that they deserve by gifting them customised bridal jackets. Bridal jackets are perfect for the hens party or as a casual touch to the big day pre-ceremony or as the night kicks on and the night is getting cooler. Bridal jackets look adorable & pics & can include a pearl denim style or classic bridal denim jackets for those keeping it cool & simple.

No matter what type of bridal party gifts you go for, ensure that you shop from our range as we have a vast range of gifts and outfits for bridal parties. The best part is that many of the products in our range can be personalised, so your bridal party knows they’re special and can keep their gifts forever.