7 Wedding Morning Essentials
There’s nothing more exciting than waking up on the morning of your wedding and with a big day ahead of you, we’ve got you covered with 7 essentials to make sure you start the day perfectly.1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate
Drink plenty of water on the morning of your wedding to ensure you are hydrated for the day, it won’t make you bloat. It’s going to be a busy day and very likely that you won’t be drinking much water throughout the day so avoid becoming dehydrated by getting your water intake up early.

2. Create an awesome playlist
Ask a Bridesmaid to put together a playlist for your Wedding morning to set the mood. Some Brides prefer a mellow, relaxed vibe or you might want to up the energy levels with some of your faves from your hens night. Either way, music can really change your mood so a good playlist can really kick the day off on the right foot.

3. Eat a light healthy Breakfast
Don’t skip Breakfast. It’s a big and long day ahead of you and Breakfast will set you up for the day when you need your energy levels to be up. Eggs will really set you up for the day but if you have butterfly’s and can’t manage that, then opt for some good old toast with nut butter. And remember not to go crazy on the coffee!


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4. Charge your phone
Remember to give your phone a power boost. You’ll be the main contact for suppliers, guests and you might even want it to capture some special moments of your own when the photographer isn’t there (like the drive to the ceremony).

5. Wear something comfortable
Be sure to wear something comfortable (but still pretty, for photo’s obvi.) and clothing that can be removed without ruining your hair and makeup. The best option? A button down shirt or robe that doesn’t need to be lifted above your head (robes also make for pretty cute photos).

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6. Flat footwear
You will no doubt be in heels all day so pack your comfiest flats/slippers/thongs/uggs for the wedding morning and switch to heels at the last second to save your feet from any aches.

7. Let the little details go and enjoy your day
Don’t panic if something doesn’t go to plan, the most important part of your day is that this days is the start of your marriage! If the DJ messes up the playlist or a buttonhole goes missing, just take a deep breathe and remember what it’s all about. We guarantee no-one attending will even notice and it’s definitely not what you will remember about the day in 10 years time.

What will you be doing on the morning of your Wedding?